Also known as the "Land of the Sun", Salento boasts a vast coastline, characterized by sandy beaches, spectacular cliffs and crystal clear waters. Great events and festivals are celebrated with grandiose parties, with fireworks and spectacular illuminations of which the people of Salento are the first masters in the world. The Salento festivals that accompany the culinary traditions, the fairs, the markets, the religious rites and so on over the years make Salento a true treasure waiting to be discovered. The popular traditions of Salento are also colorful with mystery between superstitions and legends, among these we find the pizzica of Salento, the night of the Taranta and the art of papier-mâché. The gastronomic traditions could not be missing: the rustici and pasticciotti from Lecce. This desire to convey one's true essence to the visitor has become an example of hospitality known throughout the world.